GET Fund is an impact venture capital fund investing in GREEN EUROPEAN TECH. We support startups with scalable businesses and significant potential to contribute to a more sustainable future from early to growth stage, focusing on energy, food and agriculture, manufacturing, buildings, and mobility.


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Transformative Technologies­ for a sustainable future

We back European startups that develop Transformative Technologies which have the potential to fundamentally disrupt value chains in today’s major industry verticals and significantly improving the environmental impact. Technological advances in the IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or robotics pave the way to create solutions that fundamentally change value chains in sectors that place a major burden on our planet and our communities.

Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources

With a growing world population, consumption of energy and resources is continuously increasing. Its impact on environment and societies becomes ever more apparent. To reduce our energy footprint and finally achieve the shift to renewables requires technologies for energy storage, efficiency, grid intelligence, and virtual utilities. Additionally, we need solutions to cope with our planet’s boundaries and limited resources while feeding 10 billion people by 2050 or covering the demand for freshwater.

Industry & Manufacturing

Industry & Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry loses billions each year through inefficient material consumption, waste, and manual reworking. Besides monetary losses, this also has a significant environmental cost. The continuously increasing connectivity of machines, devices, and humans driven by the IIoT, smart factories, flexible manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and digital twinning will make production processes more efficient, increase supply chain transparency, save energy and resources, and improve the quality of output.

Mobility & Logistics

Mobility & Logistics

Increasing mobility of people and goods around the globe provides room for innovation and new technologies. Autonomous cars, drones, and robots offer new means of transportation from the first to the last mile, and the sharing economy allows new business models for private and public organizations. Today, however, mobility accounts for a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions. For the future, we need to lower the sector’s environmental footprint with e-mobility and alternative fuels, smart infrastructure, and new mobility concepts.

Building & Infrastructure

Building & Infrastructure

Buildings remain one of the major carbon emitters and consumers of energy and raw materials. While the sector has lagged behind in digitalization, emerging technology companies can lead the way to increase the climate resilience of buildings and infrastructure and simultaneously make them smart. Autonomous monitoring and controlling solutions allow for lower energy and water usage, and even during the construction phase efficiencies can be leveraged with solutions for information modelling, smart and sustainable materials, and digital project management.


Achieving holistic value creation by targeting the Triple Top Line

With +15 years of experience in sustainable investing, we are confident that economic growth and sustainability matters are not trade-offs but mutually reinforcing factors.

The entrepreneurs we support strive for holistic value creation along the Triple Top Line of economic wealth, environmental prosperity, and social equity: they create solutions that enhance the well-being of nature and societies while generating economic value. Growing our investees along the triple top line, we are committed to actively contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Innovators we have backed

GET Fund partners with ambitious leaders who turn risks into opportunities. We are proud to have supported some of Europe’s fastest growing and revolutionary technology startups.

dp polar pushes the boundaries of additive manufacturing with a patented, disruptive 3D printing rotative platform. It combines unprecedented productivity with high precision via a continuously rotating print table, paving the way from prototyping to industrial series production.

> EXIT 2022

Electrochaea has developed a commercially viable and disruptive solution for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing, and CO2 reuse. The proprietary process converts low-cost and stranded electricity and CO2 into pipeline-grade renewable gas for direct injection into the existing natural gas grid, a conversion process known as Power-to-Gas.

GreenCom Networks offers a white label energy IoT platform to connect and control millions of distributed energy assets. The platform enables energy providers to launch disruptive digital business models while leveraging the increasing share of distributed energy assets and end consumers’ demand for innovative services.

> EXIT 2022

Lofelt builds state-of-the-art haptic technologies for content creators and device brands to deliver remarkable, immersive tactile experiences.

> EXIT 2022

Luxexcel is the only company, which can produce ophthalmic lenses by 3D-printing. The technology is uniquely positioned to create lenses for the eyewear industry as well as smart lens technology for use in AR/VR. 3D printing avoids the use of toxic material during production and significantly reduces production waste. In addition, decentralised manufacturing will optimise transportation and logistics, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Prolupin extracts protein from lupine seeds to produce plant-based foods and food ingredients marketed under the brand “Made with Luve”. Lupine-protein provides a sustainable alternative to animal-based protein characterised by significantly less greenhouse gas emissions and domestic farming.

relayr is the Industrial Internet of Things powerhouse. Its middleware platform is geared towards helping industrial companies unlock data insights from their existing machinery and production line kit by linking internet connected sensors and edge devices to platform controls.

> EXIT 2018

sonnen is one of the global leaders in smart, distributed energy storage systems offering solutions to homeowners seeking reliable, affordable, and clean energy. Connecting the batteries within the sonnen community, sonnen operates as a virtual energy utility and deploys a power supply as a service model.  

> EXIT 2019